Offering a guided HypnoPainting experience

Bringing the power of Hypnotherapy and Intentional Creativity into one powerful experience, creating lasting change and healing.


When a person begins his or her journey of self discovery and healing she often doesn’t know where or how to begin, or the path in which to take. Intentional Creativity itself is not limited to painting, but can encompass any creative process with the intention of connecting with, and/or healing the soul. Come with me as I guide you in the most personalized visioning journey within. We will locate the information or root cause of the suffering and then begin the healing work through advanced hypnotherapy methods such as re-framing, forgiveness or inner child work. You will begin to feel lightness within as we complete the session by bringing what we have released and learned in our hypnotherapy session to the canvas. When we bring that information or pain to the canvas, releasing it from the body, we create a physical container for the healing to be held within (the painting). Once the painting is complete, it then becomes an artifact of remembrance and honoring of the process, pain and information received through the journeying process.

No prior painting experience necessary!!!

This guided journey uses a step-by-step visioning and painting process of Intentional Creativity developed by Shiloh Sophia. Intentional Creativity painting workshops can be enjoyed by anyone despite any prior painting experience.