Julie Robinson Esparza

I’ve had an ache in my soul as long as I can remember. A longing for connection. Connection with others, connection with self and a deep ache for connection with God, the Divine who loved me into this very existence. A yearning to be explored and expressed.

Painting for me is how I court myself, how I gently caress the relationship between self and soul and the Divine. It’s like a dance with the soul. Painting is how I patiently and lovingly peek into the sacred space between worlds and feel connection with ALL. Once the connection has been made, the information becomes right there, easy to access and the connection is almost instantaneous; like allowing my soul to sing its own soul song. Painting has allowed me to be more comfortable with my own imperfection and uniqueness removing the mask that keeps me from showing up as my most authentic self. It has taught me vulnerability and has begun to cultivate a deeper love, appreciation and acceptance of self.

My greatest hope is that you feel a connection to my work enough that you might want to share in this creative, soul healing process of HypnoPainting with me.