Deep Dive

For the Most Personalized and Intensive Experience

For the highest level of healing and lasting transformation I recommend my private one-on-one HypnoPainting sessions.  HypnoPainting combines the deep soul exploration that hypnotherapy offers with the change producing benefits Intentional Creativity provides by bringing the healing work into the physical. By using painting and bringing the physical body into the act of healing, we create the most complete healing on all levels of your being.  These one-on-one sessions go beyond what we are able to accomplish in the group setting by allowing us to make the session completely personalized just for you, creating the highest level of healing and lasting transformation in the shortest amount of time.  Sit back, relax and let’s explore what lies within. Then we will bring that information to the canvas utilizing guided Intentional Creativity to process and honor the information we receive. In the end you have a beautiful painting that honors the past and your experience; and the painting then acts as an artifact and remembrance of your healing process.

One-on-one Hypnotherapy plus Intentional Creativity Painting