Intentional Creativity

You Don’t need to be an artist to enjoy Intentional Creativity.

Offering a variety of Pop up Play days, half day, full day and two day workshops.

Cosmic SmashBooking

Come join in on the fun of Cosmic SmashBooking! Learn how to unlock your creativity while integrating a practice of self discovery, relaxation and most of all FUN! No expensive or fancy supplies needed and as always, no experience necessary. We will be working with supplies that you likely already have on hand.

Create your Book: Coming Soon!

Pop up Playdays: Coming Soon!

All Classes are held over ZOOM! Click the links below to join the fun!

More Zoom and Video Courses Coming Soon!!

Half Day Workshops

Soulful Story Cards

Release those limiting beliefs and negative self talk by creating a handy pack of positive, loving and uplifting affirmations using your own power language making them personalized just for you.

  • Coming Soon!

Medicine Basket

Do you ever wonder what healing powers you have been gifted with? Come explore and create your own medicine basket.

  • Coming Soon!

Vision Plan Book

Feeling stuck knowing how to move your business to the next level? Why not tap into the power of Intentional Creativity to unlock your full potential. Come create your own personalized business plan full of color and possibility and bring renewed energy to your project or business.

  • Coming Soon!

One Day Workshops

Journey to Freedom

Are you struggling to know your identity outside the labels of ‘mom’ and ‘wife’? Are you a recent empty nester and feel like you lost your identity somewhere along the way? Free yourself from what others and you have told yourself you need to be or not be in this liberating and freeing workshop all about re-discovering yourself.

  • Coming Soon!

Heart of the Home

Many people experience pain around Home. Whether they lost their home, experienced pain or trauma in their home or never really had a home. Come explore the deeper meaning, gain clarity, honor and release suffering around what ‘home’ means to you.

  • Coming Soon!

Perfectly Plump

What have you been telling yourself about what it means to be beautiful? Do you feel like if you aren’t your ideal self then you don’t deserve love and acceptance? let’s explore these limiting beliefs together.

  • Coming Soon!

Two Day Workshops

Perfectly Me

Painting, declaring and honoring your perfect self. Are you being called to discover a deeper self love and self acceptance? Let go of past hurts that have been holding you back? Find those lost fragmented parts and see what it feels like to be whole again. Gather with like minded women.

  • Coming Soon!

“The intentional creativity experience is something I had to see to believe. I had zero painting ability but was open and willing to try. 

The process was healing, and Julie’s gentle and reassuring guidance gave me a safe place to explore and create. Best of all, I felt lighter, and healed afterwards…. with a beautiful painting to reflect the amazing experience.”

— Erin D.

“This House of Hearts class was such an eye opener for me. I had no idea what to expect and it was a truly and very amazing experience. I learned so much about myself that went deep into my childhood hidden until I took this class.

Julie is an amazing teacher. She has a very special touch about her to get you thinking very deeply. I highly recommend you take her ‘House of Hearts’ class to get the wonderful experience I did.”

— Diane A.