Offering guided HypnoPainting sessions and workshops. Discovering and releasing old stuck pain, thought patterns and behaviors; leaving them on the canvas to be honored and adorned. This powerful journey makes way for a deeper understanding and acceptance of self, resulting in a more authentic and lasting feeling of self love, understanding, acceptance and freedom.

Intentional Creativity

Offering a selection of half day, full day and two day workshops.

Cosmic SmashBooking

  • Create your SmashBook
  • Drop in play days

Half Day Workshops

  • Soulful Story Cards
  • Medicine Basket
  • Vision Plan Book

Full Day Workshops

  • Journey to Freedom
  • Heart of the Home
  • Perfectly Plump

Two Day Workshops

  • Perfectly Me


Close your eyes and journey within to find the answer your soul is most eager for you to know.

Personal Hypnotherapy Session

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Introspective Hypnosis
  • Beyond Quantum Healing

Deep Dive

Work with me one-on-one for the deepest, most personalized soul exploration and healing experience.  By utilizing my skills as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, we are able to explore the subconscious at a much deeper level that is personalized just for you.  We then bring that information to the canvas with the intention of further healing, letting go and honoring.

Best of Both Worlds

  • Series of 4 sessions (4hours each)
  • One 4 hour session