“The intentional creativity experience is something I had to see to believe. I had zero painting ability but was open and willing to try. 

The process was healing, and Julie’s gentle and reassuring guidance gave me a safe place to explore and create. Best of all, I felt lighter, and healed afterwards…. with a beautiful painting to reflect the amazing experience.”

-Erin D.

“This House of Hearts class was such an eye opener for me. I had no idea what to expect and it was a truly and very amazing experience. I learned so much about myself that went deep into my childhood hidden until I took this class.

Julie is an amazing teacher. She has a very special touch about her to get you thinking very deeply. I highly recommend you take her ‘House of Hearts’ class to get the wonderful experience I did.”

Diane A.

“This perfectly me workshop was a great experience that allowed me to connect with other women, explore my creativity that I didn’t know existed, and helped me find peace within. Not only did I have such a positive and wonderful experience at this workshop, but I also got to leave with a beautiful piece of art.”

Taylor E.

“In this intentional creativity workshop I learned that by going into hypnosis I am able to learn about parts of myself that that I never knew. It helped me open my mind and allowed me to let go of the need to be perfect. I was able to locate where some of my broken pieces are, which will help me heal in the long run. Now, I am able to look at my painting and see the images that represent the broken pieces of myself and continue to work through the pain and healing process.”

Maddie E.

“Julie, the class was so fun.  I learned so much about expressing myself in art.  I would love a second class if possible. You gave an excellent introduction explaining your journey to get you where you are today with your creativity and your ability to guide others to find their creativity.  You are talented and have a natural gift.    Again, Thank You.”

Marsha E.