The Red Thread Circle

Come find your tribe!

“The Legend says that those who are destined to meet are connected with an invisible Red Thread. Your part is to show up for the connection, to say yes, and to enter deeply into the discovery of your own truths.”

Shiloh Sophia

The way of the Red Thread is a pathway; a cosmic thread that connects us to each other. It moves through time and space holding each one of its beloveds in love, serving as a reminder that we are never really alone. We are called to gather as women of strength and beauty in this sacred space joining in connection and community in support, healing and joy. Red Thread circles are part of my piece of the red thread, they are my offering as a gift. A gift from my heart to yours as a form of love and devotion to my calling. It is my way of giving back and creating the “connection” that our soul yearns for as a tribe of growing and healing women. For many, this ‘journey to freedom’ and healing can feel like a lonely process. I have been called to bring the navigational map of healing and soul discovery to my Beloveds. These circles are my way of placing destinations on your navigational map as “rest stops”, allowing us to gather back with our tribe, take a rest, and reconnect. It’s a place to fuel back up for the journey ahead.

Come and enjoy chocolate and connection at our next Red Thread Circle and feel what it is like to connect with a supportive tribe of women.

Coming Soon!